Ipswich Buddhist Centre Review

I am duly authorized by law, and duty bound as a Spiritual Master, to make statements in public to warn other people about harm or danger.

This falls under Qualified Privilege and have been legally cleared to make this statement to protect others from the risk of abuse at the IBC.

This Buddhist Centre and in fact its movement as a whole has a history of sexual and emotional abuse toward those who question it (Google FWBO files) and in my earlier years, tried threatening to sue me to keep me quiet about serious concerns about interference in peoples sexual relationships – and when that did not work, bad mouthing me later and then denying it.

They also caused me a five figure financial loss because of lost opportunities, which also they showed no interest in being sorry for.

truthOne of the IBC members lied about me and insulted me behind my back and bad mouthed me, accusing me of very serious crimes, without any justification at all, in an attempt to help a criminally fraudulent company put me in jail, which was unsuccessful, because he himself had a dishonest deposition and because Spiritual Masters are immune from the karma of dishonesty.

The IBC was not interested in correcting their mistake or retracting their claims (which would have involved a simple 10 minute trip to a notary office), which indicates they did lie about me and thus the adverse criticism should stand, because of the potential harm to others.

Anyone attending the IBC, may at first enjoy the meditations, but there is always a danger in the background that if you try and leave the Centre, it becomes cult-like, and that is when the abuse starts.

Such abuse may include sexual discrimination, bad -mouthing you so you cannot get work elsewhere, threatening to sue you, or paying lawyers to bully you into silence.

The meditation in itself is sound, but getting more involved with the Centre or working for the movement is risky to one’s wellbeing. Some of the people in the movement are not honest and are of questionable integrity, something which stems from the sexual abuse issues in the 60’s which still plague the movement today.

Caution is advised.