Legal Disclaimers

I am duly authorized by law, and duty bound as a Spiritual Master, to make statements in public to warn other people about harm or danger. This falls under Qualified Privilege and have been legally cleared to make this statement to protect others from the risk of abuse at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre.

In addition, response to an attack (being falsely accused of blackmail by one of the Ipswich Buddhist Centre members) is immune from suit, as are statements made in self-defence.

Spiritual Masters also have a wider privilege in terms of freedom of expression, and speaking out when spiritual enterprises or centres are clearly not ethical or truthful.

The law also permits fair comment, honest opinion and truth defences.

Every attempt has been made to be as truthful as possible; however the blog sharing here:-

should be interpreted as a perspective and an account of experiences from my own personal perspective, related to the best of my knowledge and others may have a different view, opinion or memory of events mentioned.